Dr. Flowers offers a variety of services in order to meet the varying needs of each child and family need. JFI supports the current ongoing educational program for each individual child. It is not designed to replace existing therapies, but to complement, reinforce and support those goals already in place for each child. One of the keys to Dr. Flowers success in linking her specific therapy goal to the existing goals of the child’s primary therapist.

Intensive Therapy Sessions


The most intensive service with the greatest short-term gains is communication intervention therapy sessions conducted at Gulf World Marine Park. These sessions are offered for children ages 3-13 with significant communication disorders or delays. Intensive therapy sessions pair skills being taught with emotionally arousing experiences to improve overall retention and memory.

Utilizing an emotionally arousing experiences as a pathway to long term memory through the amygdala (emotional center) portions of the brain permits specific language skill acquisitions.

Many families are return clients – some on their fifth return to therapy- who integrated the unique “jump start” therapy with their child’s ongoing educational/therapy program at home. The detailed, IEP friendly, clinical reports generated for each child link the child’s ongoing annual education/therapy goals with the intervention work involving use of unique primary motivators (dolphins, sea lions, tropical birds/ducks, and other animals) at Gulf World Marine Park.

Beginning in late 2016, we are proud to have added individualized books from Dr. Janet’s Therapy Tools and Research Practice to our intensive therapy sessions. We feel this addition to our sessions is an even greater communication tool to assist children in their communication gains after returning home.

Additional services are listed below, but please visit the Contact Page in order to message the Dr. Janet Flowers Institute staff about an individualized program to meet your child’s needs.

Additional Services


  • Pre-school screenings and evaluations.
  • Consultations with families in the construction of Individual Educational Plans (IEP).
  • In-home therapy services for children with special needs in the areas of language, speech and communication. Our Primary focus is on children from 3 – 13 years of age.



Clients that benefit most from JFI’s intensive therapy sessions:

  • Are open minded and looking for a therapy to assist child in strengthening speech skills.
  • Work with Dr. Flowers and current therapists to develop realistic therapy goals.
  • Are willing to work hard and have FUN during their time with JFI in order to capitalize on progress made during intensive therapy sessions.
  • Understand the need to continue building upon skills learned in therapy with JFI once returning home.
  • Are not seeking healing from animal therapy interaction.