Meet Dr. Flowers & Her Staff

Dr. Janet Flowers, CCC-SLP, Ed.D., Certified Autism Communication Navigator
Founder/Lead Therapist of JFI


“Your smile is your logo, Your personality is your business card, How you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.” –Jay Danzie

Dr. Janet Flowers has been recognized for her decades of achievements in the speech-language pathology community for her therapeutic approach, philosophy and research. Through years of study and field-tested methods, Dr. Flowers created multiple methods of approaching communication disorders that show measurable success. She has tremendous insight, experience and commitment to improving the lives of families and their children with communication disorders. In her 25 years of experience, she has worked with thousands of children and families in assisting them to bring out the ultimate communication skills within each child’s capacity. Dr. Flowers has worked with children with Apraxia, Down Syndrome, Autism, and many related communication disorders in many parts of the world. Dr. Flowers applies research based approaches with the family, teachers, and other therapy providers for each client in order to develop the best unique, individualized plan. This allows for a targeted approach to therapy sessions in order for the greatest achievements to be obtained to reach very specific goals.

Janet loves living in Panama City Beach, Florida. She spent her first 10 years out of college providing speech and language services in the public schools of Northwest Florida. She then took the “leap” to being her own private practice, while at the same time working on and completing her doctoral degree. Adding animals as motivators for children working on difficult communication skills began in 1997. She has since studied, worked, and honed her skills in assisted therapy programs in a host of marine parks from Mexico, Hawaii, California, Nevada, to Florida. Her family means the world to her and are the reason she settled in Panama City Beach. Although she had worked with many different types of animals, she is a cat lover and Hercules, Pooh Bear and Tigger have her heart!!!

Additional Trainings

Meredith McCook, M.S., Director

Meredith joined the JFI team in 2008 first working with Dr. Flowers as a therapy intern. After working with Dr. Flowers and engaging in animal assisted therapy, Meredith pursued her Masters of Counseling and graduated from at Loyola University Maryland in 2011. Meredith continues to assist the JFI team coordinating outreach and public relations and visits Janet in Panama City Beach as often as possible. Contact her at


Dr. Lydia Staggs, Staff Veterinarian at Gulf World Marine Park



Secret Holmes, Lead Trainer at Gulf World Marine Park

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